Filip Hodas

Although not a client project, Filip is our friend. With an Instagram base of over 600K followers, he is one of the world’s leading designers and has helped to pioneer the NFT ecosystem. We’re delighted to give him an honorary mention here. Keep rocking @hoodass!

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse was a disruptor in his time. Nowadays, his family upholds this same thrilling custom. And with the help of foundations that support his art, soon the works from his legacy will radiate permanently into the NFT environment.


This NFT-based game is just so adorable. Lessons learned from projects like CryptoPunks, Earthlings are solely about engagement, enter their world!

Pablo & Frida

NFTs can also incorporate 3D renders. Pablo & Frida employs this feature of NFTs in order to create 3D renders of gallery exhibitions for their reuse in VR (virtual reality). In the future, galleries will be empty and visitors will be able to choose an exhibition through which they can virtually tour and walk.


Rubees is a bit touchy, and definitely not without a dash of controversy. It is a community-based alternative where NFTs serve in the place of a classic membership (think something like With Rubees, the creators remain the real owners of their content.
At spacepace, we transform ideas to valuable businesses:

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We are on the verge of a new and digitalized future. Join us and become a pioneer of your industry. Now is the time.


There is 0% risk — if you do nothing.
Our thinking is progressive, and many would probably deem it outright unconventional. However, we are here to make a positive impact and help the planet become better. This intersection is where we envision a merging of the crypto and NFT worlds.


This is just the early adolescence.
Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have opened up a whole new frontier of possibilities for myriad industries. In many ways, it is remindful of the initial propagation of the Internet: crypto and NFT early adopters and first-movers will be poised to become the biggest and most successful.


Always think about your tribe.
The crypto community is more distinct than the conventional mainstream. In order to be embraced by it, one must be open to entirely new, more exciting and refined ways of thinking. Particularly, one must want to press on with an eye towards creating a better and highly-improved future.

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The genesis

In 2017, we observed that blockchain was not just some hypothetical technology; rather, that it would become a mechanism for positive global disruption and empowerment that would break with the status quo.
Since then, we have dug deeper, done our homework and formed a team. Our key motivation to build NFTLABS is to share the early adopter knowhow we have gathered and to help companies that might already have NFT-ready content.